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World Politics The Atlantic Politics Daily: What Separates the Left From the Left


World Politics The Atlantic Politics Daily: What Separates the Left From the Left

2. On health care: Support for Medicare for All is a clear dividing line. My colleague Olga Khazan offers this fascinating piece on how the ideas around single-payer somehow turned into a more mainstream Democratic rallying cry.3. On soaking the rich: Most Democrats in the 2020 race want to raise taxes in the name of…

World Politics The Atlantic Politics Daily: What Separates the Left From the Left

World Politics

2. On health care: Strengthen for Medicare for All is a determined dividing line. My colleague Olga Khazan presents this attention-grabbing portion on how the tips around single-payer one design or the other become a more mainstream Democratic rallying narrate.

3. On soaking the rich: Most Democrats within the 2020 traipse are seeking to raise taxes within the establish of tamping down on inequality, nevertheless the occasion’s left-most candidates are taking it a step extra by proposing radical overhauls of the tax code. Senator Elizabeth Warren’s signature wealth tax has turned into a campaign chant and even a Halloween costume.

4. On local climate-switch protection: The Inexperienced Fresh Deal has become the walk-to local climate protection in definite corners of the left. While conservatives, and a few Democrats, contain denounced it as an incoherent wish record of socialist local climate objectives, my colleague Robinson Meyer argues that the details animating the GND contain deeper American roots than some of its detractors would contain you concentrate on.

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World Politics

(Michael Owen Baker / AP)

Real thru the final month of 2019, our photo editor Alan Taylor is reviewing one of the major major news occasions and moments from the previous year.

In the record above, Jerry Rowe uses a garden hose to connect his house on Beaufait Avenue in Granada Hills, California, one day of the wildfires that tore thru tall swaths of California in October.

Test out more images chosen by Alan here.



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World Politics

(Lloyd Mitchell / Reuters)

1. “The occasions in Jersey Metropolis are more complex than the exclusively structural theory of racism can accommodate.”

In the aftermath of Tuesday’s Jersey Metropolis capturing—which authorities are in reality investigating as home terrorism—Yascha Mounk writes:

In major areas of American lifestyles, Jews now are at probability of face fewer disadvantages or forms of discrimination than members of many alternative ethnic or non secular teams conclude. On the same time, they proceed to appeal to the dedicated hatred of a small minority of the American population, and this does—in particular within the event that they would possibly be able to readily be identified as Jews—at times place them in excessive bodily hazard.

This complexity defies how many highly efficient people—at the side of rather heaps of left-leaning journalists and protection makers—thought the realm. For some, issues of racism or privilege are regularly and exclusively structural.

Be taught the comfort.

2. “What are Jews? Individuals of a non secular workers? A traipse or an ethnicity? A nation? Some mixture of them all, or one thing else entirely?”

These contain regularly been fraught questions—perchance more so within the recent local climate of fear for many American Jews.

A recent government affirm from the Trump administration purporting to focal point on retaining Jews from anti-Semitic discrimination introduced on more confusion and alarm inner the Jewish workers.

The lawful scholar David Schraub elucidates the bind:

Jews are being baited into taking a in reality terrible feature here—insisting that we must withdraw from the safety of antidiscrimination legislation, on story of it can perchance obliquely verify the anti-Semite’s suspicion that the Jew is assorted.

Be taught the the rest of the argument.

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