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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Seer Interactive’s Top 10 Most-Read Blog Posts of 2019

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Seer Interactive’s Top 10 Most-Read Blog Posts of 2019

As 2019 starts to wrap up, and 2020 planning is upon us, we’ve compiled our top 10 blog posts of the year (in case you missed ‘em). Check out the posts that our readers couldn’t get enough of this year and let us know what your favorites were in the comments below and on social…

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Seer Interactive’s Top 10 Most-Read Blog Posts of 2019

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As 2019 starts to wrap up, and 2020 planning is upon us, we’ve compiled our prime 10 weblog posts of the year (when you neglected ‘em). Strive the posts that our readers couldn’t procure ample of this year and allow us to know what your favorites had been within the comments underneath and on social (@SeerInteractive)!

Our Most-Learn Weblog Posts of 2019

#1: How to Ask Files in Google Sheets with =QUERY Operate by James Corr

Studying be taught how to make exhaust of =QUERY in a familiar environment admire Google Sheets is a attractive correct contrivance to initiate your toddle in direction of working with expansive recordsdata.

In this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll be taught be taught how to make exhaust of the essential =QUERY aim. Whether or no longer you’ve frail it prior to, you’ll procure an introduction to the syntax and aim plus a Google Sheets tutorial (and template!) to discover what you be taught.

#2: How to Be part of Many to Many with a Bridge Desk in Energy BI by Christina Blake

Constructing relationships in Energy BI is a sturdy contrivance to raised leverage your recordsdata for evaluation. Learn to design a Many to Many relationship in Energy BI using a bridge table in only 6 easy steps.

From avid users to inexperienced persons, this tutorial is for the Search Analyst who wants to make exhaust of Energy BI for examining which search phrases are converting alongside connected natural keyword rankings to acquire alternatives for optimizing and/or rising fresh articulate material.

#3: How to Invent CASE Statements in Google Files Studio by Kia Motorway

Whereas you occur to exhaust Google Files Studio for reporting/evaluation, take a look at out my tutorial on be taught how to design fresh fields using CASE statements for manipulating your recordsdata into extra essential courses. Incorporated on this post are 12 copy/paste CASE statements you would possibly maybe discover to your have Files Studio dashboard for higher evaluation of general recordsdata factors.

#4: 3 Quick-Cast off Google Files Studio Pointers for internet pages positioning Reporting by Joe Meola

Google Files Studio most frequently is a terribly essential reporting tool for SEOs – offering extra layers of evaluation and insights.

We’re no longer surprised that but one more easy-to-apply Google Files Studio tutorial made our prime 10 checklist this year! In this post, Joe shares Seer’s favorite pointers & tricks to make exhaust of GDS for your internet pages positioning reports – it’s a must be taught when you would possibly maybe pick to level up your recordsdata visualization game.

#5: Why Isn’t My Occasion Stamp Firing? How to Troubleshoot Damaged GTM Tags by Kevin Rutter

Carry out you exhaust Google Stamp Supervisor for internet pages tagging? If this is the case, are you ready for the worst, even while hoping for the very best?

This post will can enable you guarantee you know be taught how to clutch hotfoot and mercurial repair your recordsdata when something goes disagreeable along with your GTM implementation. From be taught how to troubleshoot broken tags and be taught how to roll advantage a container model to essentially the most identical old errors to protect some distance flung from – bookmark this post when you exhaust Google Stamp Supervisor or ship it to a colleague who does!

#6: Tie Collectively Offline & On-line Engagement with ‘Store Visits’ in Google Analytics by Aniqa Anwar

Whereas Store Confer with reports in Google Adverts had been spherical for awhile, Google Analytics correct purchased the memo this year. Whereas you occur to beget commercial offline, this post is for you! You’ll be taught be taught how to make exhaust of Google Analytics Store Visits in Beta to analyze the impact of online habits on using possibilities to your stores offline (and vice versa!).

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#7: 18 Systems to Diagnose a Decline in Organic Web articulate visitors by Katie Kirchner

Whereas you occur to would possibly maybe well also merely have gotten ever tried to diagnose a decline in Organic Search traffic, it is best to serene know by now it’s sharp. There are correct so many variables eager with working out the efficiency switch of any such critical digital marketing channel.

Strive this internet pages positioning post for 18 ways to diagnose what came about to your Organic traffic (plus procure next steps for reversing the increase!)

#8: TV Marketing Effectiveness: How to Measure & Analyze Television Adverts by Aniqa Anwar

Whereas you occur to speed TV advertisements, or file on their impact for a living, this post will plod you thru a transient and soiled contrivance for applying to your evaluation. You’ll be taught be taught how to measure your online traffic and the habits of users who land to your online page online after they’ve been influenced by your TV ad(s) in a single in every of our prime posts of 2019.

#9: 5 Steps To Note internet pages positioning Suggestions with Blended Files in GDS by Jackie Cammarata

Search Engine Optimization (internet pages positioning) can even be extremely efficient at improving your internet pages’s experience and gaining visibility in search results pages. Whereas you occur to beget somewhat a number of internet pages positioning work to your internet pages, it would in general be laborious to retain song of your complete internet pages positioning optimizations over time.

Enter Google Files Studio’s “Blended Files” characteristic. Whereas recordsdata blending can even be leveraged for varied exhaust conditions – this post reveals you be taught how to make exhaust of it for reporting on the impact of your internet pages positioning optimizations on internet pages efficiency.

#10: Google Optimize How To Handbook by Kevin Rutter

Ideal nonetheless absolutely no longer least – this post launched no longer too contrivance advantage and mercurial grew to turn out to be a favorite for our readers. For Google Optimize users, and folk who understanding on using the tool within the close, you would possibly maybe’t come up with the cash for to fail to see this. From the final setup of an A/B take a look at and deciding on KPIs for judging results to defining statistical significance and levelling up your approach with personalized experiences – this complete handbook is for any Google Optimize user!

Our Honorable Mentions of 2019 (attributable to why no longer?)

The next made the Top 20 checklist – deserving honorable mentions for maintaining it down on the 11-20 spots:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 🎉Wrapping Up 2019

There you would possibly maybe merely have gotten it, Seer Interactive’s prime 10 and prime 11-20 weblog posts of 2019. These posts had been essentially the most be taught and most shared out of all of the articulate material we introduced you this year – cheers to that! 🥂

What would you admire us to variety out in 2020? Recede a roar underneath and allow us to know what you’re most indignant to be taught about next year!

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