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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ProgrammableWeb’s Most Clicked, Shared and Talked About APIs of 2019: eCommerce, Marketing, and Social

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ProgrammableWeb’s Most Clicked, Shared and Talked About APIs of 2019: eCommerce, Marketing, and Social

This segment of the Most Clicked, Shared and Talked About APIs added to ProgrammableWeb in 2019 focuses on eCommerce, Marketing, Sales, and Social Media. APIs in this article are from several categories including Advertising, Customer Relationship Management, Content, Printing, Products, Catalogs, Subscription, Feedback, Monetization, Auctions, Shipping, Barcodes, Ratings, Customization, Surveys, SEO, Tweets, and Engagement.API news from…

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ProgrammableWeb’s Most Clicked, Shared and Talked About APIs of 2019: eCommerce, Marketing, and Social

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This segment of the Most Clicked, Shared and Talked About APIs added to ProgrammableWeb in 2019 focuses on eCommerce, Marketing, Sales, and Social Media. APIs listed listed below are from quite loads of classes including Marketing, Buyer Relationship Administration, Declare, Printing, Products, Catalogs, Subscription, FeedbackMonetization, Auctions, Transport, Barcodes, Scores, Customization, Surveys, SEO, Tweets, and Engagement.

API data from the E-Commerce, Marketing and Sales sectors this past three hundred and sixty five days centered on some added API and developer tools from major tech companies including eBay, Shopify, Google, Salesforce, Verizon, Adobe, Amazon, Twilio, and Sq.. Plus, some innovations from smaller companies comparable to VoiceSell, Bandwidth, Vungle, and Smaato.

Social Media API data for the length of 2019 essentially centered on company policy concerning privateness, political adverts, cyberbullying, and discrimination. Nonetheless, some technology enhancements and unusual APIs for builders from Fb, LinkedIn, Twitter and Snapchat had been moreover presented.

Amazon Moments is a marketing carrier that enables builders to support individual engagement by offering right-existence rewards. The Amazon Moments Rewards APITrack this API permits customers to reward their customers who complete particular actions with bodily or digital objects and products which will likely be fulfilled by Amazon. Moments is a execrable-platform carrier for any tech with an HTTPS connection. The carrier and must enviornment personalized notifications when app customers attain moments.

Salesforce is a provider of Buyer Relationship Administration (CRM) companies and products. Salesforce Lightning is a platform for constructing personalized CRM applications with little programming trip. It permits customers to kind collaboratively and bring constantly, embed Synthetic Intelligence and IoT whereas integrating Salesforce and third-occasion data. Salesforce Lightning affords a REST APITrack this API for interacting with the Lightning Platform. It permits builders to resource metadata, create a peculiar object, change a express and more. Resources are formatted as XML or JSON with the default being JSON.

eBay enhanced its API program for the length of June 2019. The modifications offered some unusual APIs including the eBay Sell Funds APITrack this API which builders set apart a complete understanding of eBay transactions, organize payouts, reconcile accounting and more. Also unusual is the eBay Sell Advice APITrack this API, which affords customers steering for Promoted Listings thru the use of trending advert charges and truly helpful listings.

Google AdMob helps customers monetize cell applications thru in-app marketing. The AdMob APITrack this API permits customers to acquire entry to the selling campaign, sites and applications data in an AdMob myth with a stable programmatic interface. Builders can kind personalized applications the use of the AdMob API, which affords indirect acquire entry to to corresponding C++, iOS, Android, and Team spirit SDKs. Google no longer too prolonged within the past enhanced the SDKs and overhauled the API for improved acquire entry to to bigger insights for AdMob customers.

The Fb Graph API is no longer unusual to our itemizing nonetheless was once presented with versioning updates for the length of July 2019. Fb Graph API v4.0Track this API now entails permissions for the ads_management, ads_read, instagram_basic, and manage_pages capabilities. Additionally, applications which had been briefly authorized for Internet page Public Declare Get right to use will now be required to undergo App Evaluate. Additionally, the Webhooks have bought backend enhancements for performance. Additionally, Fb Marketing API v4.0Track this API has passed thru enhancements, including the addition of Industry Asset Groups, which permits companies to more without issues team Fb resources and organize permissions to these resources.

Adzerk affords APIs for customers to kind personalized marketing servers. The Adzerk Decision APITrack this API is in REST structure and returns data to kind advert requests in JSON format. With the API, builders can acquire entry to dedication data and announce material to enforce commercials in an application.

Optimove is a marketing hub with an actionable buyer data platform at its core. The Optimove APITrack this API may perchance also be utilized to gain data updates, buyer data, and develop segment-connected capabilities.

Index Change is a digital marketing market. The Index Change APITrack this API permits customers to retrieve data about advert campaigns, earnings, organize data, change stock & passbacks, and more. The REST API permits customers to support watch over creator data in an Index Change myth.

RewardOps is a loyalty cloud platform to abet companies combine rewards applications. The RewardOps RESTful APITrack this API permits customers to support watch over all aspects of a rewards program. It helps data handed to and from the API in JSON format.

Monetizr is a reward carrier that enables application customers to take game merchandise comparable to hats, t-shirts, collectible figurines, decals as well to gift playing cards and imprint-backed rewards. The Monetizr APITrack this API permits builders to combine the ability for customers to take bodily merchandise into their games.

Zaius is an email marketing platform for outlets. It affords an integrated Buyer Data Platform (CDP) which permits for a complete understanding of every buyer to force repeat industry. The Zaius APITrack this API permits builders to support watch over checklist, export, and match data.

QuantumDigital is centered remark marketing to speed sales and engagement for right estate brokers and little to medium companies. The QuantumDigital APITrack this API affords the fulfillment of industrial printing and unsolicited mail applications including mailing checklist provisioning.

sellytics is a industry intelligence machine for amazon distributors and sellers. The sellytics APITrack this API affords right-time market data of Amazon, Idealo and websites that describe product pages, sellers, opinions, keyword rankings, and bestsellers. Builders can use the API to retrieve products, classes, key phrases, provide listings, opinions, and sellers.

GoPinLeads is a sales leads finding and managing carrier. GoPinLeads APITrack this API affords programmatic acquire entry to to the B2B sales leads finder. The API permits application customers to stare data connected to companies, staff, or events. Also to obtain email addresses, bodily addresses, contact numbers, social media profiles, online net page little print, and more.

The Mastodon Challenge is a decentralized social community. The Mastodon APITrack this API returns social networking data equivalent to Twitter without commercials in a decentralized map. Builders can kind callbacks to acquire entry to accounts, personalized emojis, notice requests and suggestions, media attachments, notifications, reports, statuses, and timelines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Mastodon is open-source social software with an API for integration

Mastodon is open-source social tool with an API for integration. Screenshot: Mastodon

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TurnTo affords individual-generated announce material alternatives for eCommerce. This announce material would be ratings, opinions, comments, visible opinions, and more. The TurnTo APITrack this API permits programmatic acquire entry to to the platform with ideas accessible to enforce announce material about products, orders, media, questions, solutions, replies, comments, opinions, articles, customers, search, and change points.

BuddyPress is an open-source team mission that helps net net page builders and WordPress builders add social points to websites. The BuddyPress v5.0 APITrack this API permits customers to programmatically work together with the BuddyPress on-line team online net page platform. This entails acquire entry to to beef up BuddyPress plugins with more responsive administration tools, kind complex single-net page applications, create, read and change BuddyPress individual-generated announce material and more.

TikTok is a social, fast-originate video application. The Portion to TikTok APITrack this API permits customers to add a “Portion to TikTok” button to applications, and affords a technique to piece fast-originate videos with the TikTok team. The API is offered circuitously thru NodeJS, iOS, and Android SDKs.

DotDigital is a buyer engagement platform that turns buyer data and insight into personalized omnichannel marketing campaigns. The DotDigital APITrack this API affords programmatic acquire entry to to the carrier with ideas for managing campaigns, deal with books, contacts, unsubscribes, preferences, templates and more.

Hunter affords data companies and products to connect folk. The Hunter APITrack this API permits customers to obtain and compare expert email addresses and combine this carrier into applications. Get JSON formatted data for email addresses which will likely be came across thru enviornment name plus first or final name, or other ways.

Prisync is a monitoring platform designed for competitor designate monitoring. The Prisync APITrack this API permits acquire entry to to myth products, lists, producers, and classes. Prisync automates data collection and affords suggestions with a dynamic pricing engine.

Keepa affords latest and historical designate charts for over 900 million eCommerce products. The Keepa APITrack this API affords acquire entry to to dwell monitoring, and charge history data for nearly about all provide kinds including: Amazon (major), Amazon Market Novel and Dilapidated, Amazon Warehouse Deals, Collectibles and Refurbished, eBay, and more. The API returns category little print, bestseller lists & ASINs, third occasion sellers metrics and hundreds more.

CreatorIQ is an endeavor influencer marketing platform. The CreatorIQ APITrack this API permits producers to facilitate the administration of social media influencers’ campaigns. Strategies may perchance be found to add, change and organize more than one social influencer accounts, organize profile little print, and more.

Checkmarks affords a social media username API. The Checkmarks APITrack this API permits customers to uncover if a username exists on Fb, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.

Vouchery is a coupon and promotion automation APITrack this API. Builders can use it to trip promotional campaigns, use coupons, add loyalty point companies and products, retrieve customers’ behavioral data, and more. The carrier entails an engine to make clear suggestions in accordance with basket data, buyer history or anything else else, and affords differing sorts of rewards to customers.

Kitewheel affords a buyer race platform that enables race mapping and create, automation, optimization reinforce, and analytics. Kitewheel Graph is the most critical constructing block for buyer race execution. The Kitewheel Graph APITrack this API permits for Kitewheel industry logic integration, including orchestrated events, and personalized buyer experiences across all interplay channels.

Repsly affords retail execution tool and tools for CPG (Person Packaged Items) and retail producers. The Repsly APITrack this API affords a technique to connect Repsly retail execution companies and products with CRM and ERP companies and products.

Mothernode is an endeavor CRM that integrates sales orders, invoicing, and accounting. It affords sales automation, analytics, and buyer administration capabilities. The Mothernode APITrack this API affords data about buyer data, contact data, leads, and events.

Readable affords tools to abet customers write better and beef up their readability ratings. The Readable APITrack this API returns JSON data that identifies the readability on a online net page, focused on copywriters, entrepreneurs, and on-line store entrepreneurs.

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