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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 6 Ways to Get More Organic Traffic, Without Ranking Your Website

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 6 Ways to Get More Organic Traffic, Without Ranking Your Website

A few years ago, I wrote a post here that caught some attention in the community. I argued Google appears to be ranking websites heavily based on searcher intent — this is more true now than ever. In fact, it might be algorithmically impossible to get your website on top of the SERPs. If you find…

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 6 Ways to Get More Organic Traffic, Without Ranking Your Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A pair of years in the past, I wrote a post right here that caught some consideration in the neighborhood.

I argued Google appears to be like to be ranking web sites heavily primarily primarily based on searcher intent — right here’s extra appropriate now than ever.

In actual fact, it’s a ways seemingly to be algorithmically unattainable to construct up your online page on high of the SERPs.

Ought to you sight your online page on this situation, don’t stop on SEO!

The point of “Search Engine Optimization” is to construct up natural publicity by engines like google — it does now not necessarily beget to be your online page.

We are able to leverage the ranking authority of diverse web sites pass natural referral site visitors to our web sites.

I will give 6 situations whereas you ought to aloof NOT spoiled your online page.

Salvage to peep / hear? I outlined all these factors as a fragment of a recent keynote:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 1. When the keywords are neutral TOO competitive

We now beget all been there: in search of to spoiled a enviornment with no authority for highly competitive keywords.

These keywords are competitive because they’re treasured so we can no longer stop on them.

Here’s about a workarounds I’ve outdated in the previous.

Tactic 1: Offer to sponsor the pronounce

Ardent sells a product that “decarboxylates” cannabis for medicinal users.

There could be a ton of challenges promoting this product, mostly because sufferers do now not know what “decarboxylation” system.

So, naturally, ranking for the principle phrase “what’s decarboxylation” is a distinguished step in their customer’s path to conversion. Utter is, that key phrase is dominated by authoritative, enviornment of interest relevant web sites.

Whereas Ardent ought to aloof aloof invent and optimize pronounce round the matter, it might per chance perchance take years to spoiled.

Whenever you’re in search of to invent a industry, that’s no longer appropriate ample.

We determined to realize out to those authoritative web sites offering to “sponsor” one in all their posts.

In this case, it labored exceptionally nicely — we negotiated a monthly rate ($250) to label pronounce with a CTA and hyperlink support to Ardent’s feature.

Granted, this does now not work in every enviornment of interest. Ought to you feature in a form of spaces, there’s an exchange probability.

Tactic 2: Guest post on their feature

Guest writing for Moz in 2015 place my agency on the procedure.

Publishing on highly efficient web sites lickety-split expands your attain and lends credibility to your impress (appropriate links, too).

Extra importantly, it supplies you on the spot ranking energy for competitive keywords.

As co-owner of an SEO agency, it might per chance perchance be fabulous to spoiled in Google for “SEO services and products,” precise?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) seo-servce-google-search

Even with an authoritative feature, it’s robust to spoiled your feature for the hunt “SEO service” nationally. That you simply might perchance also leverage the authority of change web sites to spoiled for these competitive searches.

The post I wrote for Moz support in 2015 ranks for some very competitive keywords (admittedly, this turned into as soon as accidental).

This post continues to drive free leads, in perpetuity.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) moz-referral-traffic

After all of us know a shopper has to construct up visibility for a given key phrase however the SERPs received’t lunge, our agency builds customer posting into our client’s pronounce suggestions.

It’s an efficient tactic that can ship large outcomes when accomplished effectively.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 2. Whenever you potentially can hijack “impress exchange” keywords

Whenever you are competing for SERP visibility with a tidy impress, SEO is an uphill fight.

Let’s survey at a couple ways whereas you sight your self on this concern.

Tactic #1: The final phrase plot to compete in opposition to HubSpot

HubSpot is a huge on the online — they dominate the SERPs.

Being that tidy can beget drawbacks, including of us looking Google “HubSpot decisions.” Ought to you are a competitor, you potentially can no longer beget the funds for to omit out on these keywords.

“Listicle” model articles dominate for these keywords, as they provide the most handy “kind” of result for a searcher with that intent.

It’s ranking on high for diverse treasured keywords to opponents.

As a competitor, you’re going to desire to survey whereas you potentially can accumulate included on this post (and others). By contacting the creator with a pitch, we can invent an natural exchange for ourselves.

This pitch customarily has a low success. The creator desires to genuinely feel motivated so that you just might add you to the article. Your pitch desires to beget a price proposition that can circulation them to motion.

A pair of pointers:

  • Safe the creator’s social profiles and add them. Then retweet, fragment, and like their pronounce to present them a steal
  • Offer to fragment the article alongside with your social profiles or electronic mail checklist in the event that they comprise you in it
  • Offer to put in writing the fragment for inclusion to attach them time

Whereas success rate is rarely any longer monumental, the payoff is price the bother.

Tactic #2: Taking relieve of store closures

Teavana is an international tea retailer with tens of millions of advocates (over 200k searches monthly in Google).

Real about a months in the past, Starbucks determined to shut all Teavana stores. With news of Teavana shutting down, fans of the emblem would inevitably probe for “Teavana replacements” to search out a brand recent company to take an identical tea from.

Teami is a small tea impress that sells diverse SKUs very an associated to what Teavana. Entering into front of those searches would provide monumental price to their industry.

At that moment, lets attain two things:

  1. Attempt to spoiled a page on Teami’s for “Teavana exchange”
  2. Gather it listed on an authority online page in a roundup with diverse decisions

Ought to you inquire many SEO experts what to realize, they’d potentially rush for the first probability. Nonetheless we went with the second probability – getting it listed in a roundup post.

If we ranked Teami as a Teavana exchange — which lets attain — of us will verify the feature and know that we promote tea, however they received’t take it seriously because they assign no longer have confidence us yet that we’re an precise Teavana exchange.

The final phrase plot to drag it off on your industry

Safe a creator who writes about these matters on authoritative web sites. You’ve to probe for broader keywords and stare articles from authority journal-like web sites.

Check the creator of the article, receive their contact data, and send them a pitch.

We were in a situation to construct up our client (Teami Blends) listed as the number-two feature in the article, offering a ton of referral site visitors to the online page.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 3. Whenever you want to spoiled for “handiest” keywords

When somebody is utilizing “handiest” keywords (i.e. handiest gyms in NYC), the SERPs are telling us the searcher doesn’t desire to discuss over with a gymnasium’s online page.

The SERPs are dominated by “roundup” articles from media sources — these are a much greater result to meet the searcher’s intent.

That does now not mean we can no longer beget the relieve of “handiest keywords.” Let’s survey at about a ways.

Tactic #1: Capture searchers in search of out “handiest” keywords

Let’s yell you attain to Miami for a long weekend.

You’ll seemingly probe for “handiest espresso outlets in Miami” to construct up a genuinely feel for the build to dine whereas right here.

Ought to you own a espresso shop in Miami, that’s a robust key phrase to spoiled for – the SERPs are stacked in opposition to you.

A pair of years support we labored with a Miami-primarily primarily based espresso shop chain, Dr Smood, who faced this precise difficulty.

Making an strive to jam their online page in the SERPs might perchance be a ruin of sources. As an exchange, we targeted on getting featured in press outlets for “handiest of Miami” articles.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) local PR for links

How will you attain it?

Safe existing articles (ranking on your target “handiest of” keywords) and pitch for inclusion. That you simply might perchance also provide incentives like free meals, reductions, etc. in exchange for inclusion.

You’ll also desire to pitch journalists for future inclusion in articles. Scan your target e-newsletter for relevant journalists and send an opening pitch:

Hiya [NAME],

My name is [YOUR NAME]. Our agency manages the promoting for [CLIENT].

We’ve received a brand recent menu that we deem might perchance be a monumental match on your column. We’d like to host you in our Wynwood location to sample the tasting menu.

If eager, please let me know a date / time that works for you!

We pitched dozens of journalists on native publications for Dr Smood.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) author info

It resulted in a handful of high-affect aspects.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) local PR for links

Work with food service firms? I even beget extra inventive marketing pointers for restaurants right here.

Tactic #2: Ought to you beget a SaaS / coaching company

Let’s yell you’re employed for an on-line coaching company that helps companies crimson meat up their processes and service output.

There’s diverse of articles reviewing “handiest SEO coaching” that is seemingly to be a killer feature on your industry.

Getting featured right here isn’t as hard as that you just might per chance deem — you neutral beget to comprehend write price propositions into your pitch.

Part of that is taking the time to overview your prospect and resolve what might perchance hobby them:

  • Helping accumulate site visitors to their feature?
  • Discounts / free entry to your product?
  • Paying them…?

Here’s about a I came up with when pitching on behalf of The Blueprint Practising.

Hiya [NAME],

My name is [YOUR NAME]…good to fulfill you.

I’ll accumulate to the point – I neutral read your article on “Most productive SEO Trainings” on the [BLOG NAME] blog. I lately launched a deep SEO coaching and I’d like consideration to be included.

I lately launched a platform known as The Blueprint Practising – I deem its a ultimate match on your article.

Now, I realize how remarkable work it’s to rush support in and edit an article, so I’m though-provoking to realize the total following:

– Write the fragment for you, in the an identical layout as on the feature

– Promote the article by skill of my Twitter tale (I accumulate GREAT engagement)

– Give you complimentary entry to the platform to survey the quality on your self

Let me know what you think and if there’s the rest I’m able to realize for you.

Revel on your weekend!

Ought to you potentially can realize price propositioning, you’ll beget diverse success with this tactic.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 4. Whenever you want to unfold your native footprint

Piggybacking off the old example, when performing key phrase study we discovered Google displayed fully diverse SERPs for keywords that every particular person categorised what Dr Smood equipped.

  • Miami natural cafe
  • Miami espresso shop
  • Miami juice bar

The algorithm is telling us each of these keywords is diverse — it might per chance perchance be extraordinarily robust to spoiled the customer’s online page for all three.

On the opposite hand, we can use diverse owned properties to rush after the extra keywords alongside with our online page.

Properties like Allege let you edit titles and optimize your list neutral such as you’re going to your online page.

We are able to genuinely accomplish “on page” SEO for these properties and accumulate them to spoiled for treasured key phrase searches.

The pattern we took with Dr Smood turned into as soon as as follows:

When doing this on your industry, guarantee to name the total key phrase alternatives readily on the market and listen to to how the SERPs react for every.

Realize which citation pages (Allege, MenuPages, etc) you beget readily on the market to spoiled as a exchange your online page for native searches and optimize them as you’re going to your online page.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 5. Whenever you want to steal e-commerce sales

The SERPs for e-commerce stores are brutally competitive. Not handiest attain you want to compete with large brands / retailers, however also web sites like Amazon and Etsy.

Look, I accumulate it — promoting on Amazon isn’t that easy. There’s a ton of regulations and bills that stretch with the platform.

Nonetheless these regulations are what’s conserving diverse greater brands from promoting there, aka, there is a probability there.

Amazon accounts for 40% of on-line retail in the US (and rising quick). Not handiest can you accumulate your Amazon to spoiled in Google searches, however 90% of sales on the platform attain from interior Amazon searches.

In diverse words, Amazon is its own marketing engine.

Whereas that you just might per chance take a haircut on your initial sales, you potentially can use Amazon as a customer acquisition channel and optimize the lifetime price to recoup your lost upfront sales.

Here’s how we did it for a small e-commerce client.

Tactic: Radha Beauty Oil

Radha Beauty sells deal of pure oils for skin, hair and total nicely being. Our key phrase study discovered that Amazon listings dominated most of their target keywords.

With potentialities like this we waste clear to phrase SERP result kind, to effectively realize what Google desires to spoiled for target keywords.

Namely, Amazon listings had the next SERP fragment:

  • First result = 27.3%
  • 2nd result = 40.9%
  • Third result = 35.9%

Happily, this client turned into as soon as already promoting on Amazon. Unfortunately, they had a restricted funds. We didn’t beget the hours in our retainer to optimize both their e-commerce store and their Amazon store.

This data gave us the firepower to beget a dialog with the customer that our time would drive extra income optimizing their Amazon store over their e-commerce platform.

We targeted our efforts optimizing their Amazon listings associated to we might perchance an e-commerce store:

  • Amazon product titles
  • Amazon descriptions
  • Producing opinions from previous potentialities
  • Building links to Amazon store pages

The outcomes were overwhelmingly certain.

Ought to you’re a more moderen e-commerce impress, an Amazon store supplies you the exchange to outrank giants like Ulta in Google.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 6. When the SERPs demand video

Predator Weight reduction program is an e-commerce feature that sells nicely being and fitness dietary supplements. They’ve their own non-public ticket products, however they’re mainly a retailer (which system they promote diverse brands as nicely).

Whereas performing key phrase study for them, we discovered a ton of search volume round of us in search of out opinions of products they equipped.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) youtube-review-keywords

The SERPs clearly notify that searchers grab to peep movies for “overview” searches.

There are a couple suggestions you potentially can take these searches:

  1. Form movies on your YouTube channel reviewing products
  2. Safe and pay an influencer to overview products for you

I grab system #2, as opinions on third-occasion channels spoiled greater — especially whereas you’re targeting YouTubers with a tidy following.

Not handiest are you adding extra branded pronounce in the SERPs, however you’re getting your products reviewed for targeted audiences.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Last thoughts…

This change tends to romanticize SEO as a site visitors provide.

Don’t accumulate me unhealthy, I genuinely like how passionate our neighborhood is, however… we beget to pause.

We’re in search of to invent firms. We are able to’t fall in like with a single provide of site visitors (and flip our backs to others).

The procure is constantly changing. We might perchance like to adapt alongside with it.

What attain you think?

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