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Cryptocurrency Holders of Over 11 Million Bitcoin are Proving That Hodl Is Not Just a Meme


Cryptocurrency Holders of Over 11 Million Bitcoin are Proving That Hodl Is Not Just a Meme

HODL is such a popular trading strategy in the crypto community that it has transcended into a meme. HODLers are flexing their muscles as they refuse to sell even if they are in profits. Add to that the halving and we have the recipe for bitcoin rocket fuel. Many bitcoin traders laugh at the idea…

Cryptocurrency Holders of Over 11 Million Bitcoin are Proving That Hodl Is Not Just a Meme


  • HODL is this kind of in sort trading approach in the crypto neighborhood that it has transcended loyal into a meme.
  • HODLers are flexing their muscles as they refuse to promote even if they are in profits.
  • Add to that the halving and now we have got the recipe for bitcoin rocket gas.

Many bitcoin traders laugh on the assumption of HODL (retaining on for expensive life). They deem that it is far no longer a sound trading or investing approach. When you fetch and defend on the sort down, it is extremely seemingly that you just’ll expend the identical attain on the sort up. The tension of this form makes it refined for loads of investors to lock in beneficial properties.

Nonetheless, the approach is so in sort that it has become a meme.

No other trading approach has the privilege of fixing loyal into a meme. | Source: Twitter

HODL’s acceptance seems to be to be to be bordering obsession. A brand novel document finds that thousands and thousands of BTCs haven’t moved in a 12 months.

Cryptocurrency Holders Refuse to Sell Despite the indisputable truth that They Are in Deep Earnings

The S&P 500 is up nearly 27% 12 months-to-date. If the index closes the 12 months with beneficial properties spherical that number, then many investors would mediate into consideration 2019 as a objective 12 months.

Bitcoin holders are also having a monumental 12 months. The highest cryptocurrency is by over 95% 12 months-to-date. The numbers align. Per The Block, 61% of bitcoin holders are sitting in profits.

Even with beneficial properties which will be over 250% better than the S&P 500, there’s a approach that bitcoin investors are far from joyful. Many question tips-numbing and jaw-shedding efficiency from the dominant cryptocurrency.

I roar this because BitInfoCharts present that 11.58 million BTCs haven’t moved in over a 12 months.

The decide on of dormant addresses present the vitality of HODL. | Source: Twitter

In other words, 64% of the over 18.04 million bitcoin in circulation are no longer shifting. This procedure that handiest 6.46 million BTCs are being worn for hypothesis or payment settlement. At bitcoin’s present mark of $7,260, handiest $48.99 billion price of BTCs were altering fingers over the last 12 months.

This has fat bullish implications for the #1 cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency HODL Is Growing Immense Price for Bitcoin

Haters esteem Peter Schiff continuously claim that bitcoin has no intrinsic mark. They roar that no longer like gold that might per chance be worn for electronics, bitcoin doesn’t have any utility. Extra importantly, it is far no longer backed by the leisure that might per chance per chance present its mark.

Smartly, bitcoin’s mark comes from its scarcity. There’ll handiest be 21 million BTCs in existence. On top of that, spherical 4 million BTCs are misplaced. The scarcity is loyal.

We spoke to Mati Greenspan, founder of Quantum Economics and asked whether 11.58 million being HODLed has prolonged-term bull bullish implications. He told CCN,


The analyst then referred us to one of his most in sort tweets.

Bitcoin’s scarcity is creating its mark | Source: Twitter

Vendor Max echoes Mati Greenspan’s sentiments. The trader told CCN,

There are too many variables at play however scarcity is a objective mark driver.

The objective recordsdata for HODLers is that bitcoin is about to fetch more scarce in the coming months.

Cryptocurrency Halving Very Vulnerable to Manufacture Bitcoin Extra Precious

If analysts imagine that scarcity drives the mark of bitcoin, then it can be stunning to mediate that the tip cryptocurrency’s mark would wing in the coming months. In about six months, bitcoin block rewards will seemingly be lowered by half of from 12.5 BTC appropriate down to 6.25 BTC. This procedure that there will handiest be spherical 900 BTCs issued to miners on a daily foundation.

The dramatic plunge in offer attributable to the halving would alleviate promoting stress no longer lower than. The reduction in promoting is seemingly to pressure costs better. That also can very neatly be ample to trigger an enormous buying frenzy.

On account of this truth, HODL and halving are two of bitcoin’s strongest narratives.

Disclaimer: The above will must aloof no longer be thought to be trading advice from CCN. The author owns bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He holds funding positions in the money however would no longer steal in brief or day-trading.

This article was as soon as edited by Sam Bourgi.

Final modified: December 8, 2019 21: 28 UTC

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