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Cryptocurrency Elon Musk Likes Shouting ‘Bitcoin’ While Having Sex


Cryptocurrency Elon Musk Likes Shouting ‘Bitcoin’ While Having Sex

Elon Musk has tweeted that bitcoin is not his “safe word.” Taken literally, the tweet suggests Musk likes saying “bitcoin” during sex. Taken figuratively, it suggests Musk has less admiration for bitcoin than previously. Elon Musk is at it again. The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has a reputation as one of Twitter’s most unpredictable…

Cryptocurrency Elon Musk Likes Shouting ‘Bitcoin’ While Having Sex


  • Elon Musk has tweeted that bitcoin is now not his “stable note.”
  • Taken literally, the tweet suggests Musk likes announcing “bitcoin” at some stage in intercourse.
  • Taken figuratively, it suggests Musk has much less admiration for bitcoin than previously.

Elon Musk is at it another time. The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has a recognition as undoubtedly one of Twitter’s most unpredictable and harmful denizens. Smartly, now he’s produced what’s going to be his most unprecedented tweet yet. Addressing his 30 million-plus followers early Friday, he declared, “Bitcoin is *now not* my stable note.”

Um, what? Bitcoin is now not his stable note? Is he notable? Admittedly, it’s mighty to boom in phrases of Elon Musk, who has acknowledged many, many ordinary things thru Twitter, even as soon as going to this point as to tweet that Dogecoin is his favourite cryptocurrency. Nonetheless let’s do away with what he acknowledged at face designate, initiating with the that methodology of the timeframe “stable note.”

So, for folks who aren’t acquainted with sadomasochism (S&M), a “stable note” is weak by sexual partners at some stage in tough intercourse play. When undoubtedly one of them feels that things are unprejudiced appropriate getting a itsy-bitsy bit too tough, he or she repeats no topic had been chosen beforehand as their stable note, thereby ending their train.

In step with Cosmopolitan, this kind of stable note shall be anything from “ice cream” to “Dumbeldore” or “Nickelback.”

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Is Horny

Nonetheless now not “bitcoin,” when you occur to be Elon Musk. Does this indicate that Musk truly doesn’t fancy bitcoin, no topic getting acknowledged unprejudiced things about the cryptocurrency previously? On the different, it suggests that he now not only likes bitcoin, nonetheless that it turns him on.

In other phrases, he doesn’t desire “bitcoin” to be his stable note, because he needs to advise, cry and disclose it in mattress. Obviously, the note and its that methodology is deeply arousing to him. So arousing, of direction, that he wouldn’t dare train it as a stable note, because that can correct now set apart an halt to no topic kinky weirdness he used to be engaged in at the time.

Certainly, we would crawl even extra and indicate that Musk depends on bitcoin to rob arousal. Lawful the abstract theory of a decentralized monetary system is sufficient to comprise him going for hours. So whereas some males would possibly per chance well launch a field of Viagra, Musk merely images Satoshi Nakamoto and Merkle trees.

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Isn’t Horny Anymore

Okay, so this would possibly per chance also very effectively be going too a long way down the rabbit hole. Perchance Elon Musk is turned on by bitcoin. Or possibly, his most up-to-date tweet merely suggests that his aged appreciation for the cryptocurrency has waned.

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Previously, Musk has described bitcoin as “moderately tantalizing.” He’s even had his Twitter yarn suspended for half of-jokingly urging undoubtedly one of his followers to do away with the cryptocurrency.

On the different hand, in April he tweeted, “Cryptocurrency is my stable note.” Assuming that he used to be sincerely praising crypto with this tweet, at the present time’s sequel would possibly per chance well also show that he thinks bitcoin isn’t as ‘stable’ as obvious other cryptocurrencies. This can now not be massively magnificent, since he has previously drawn consideration to its reported environmental designate.

Nonetheless nonetheless, who truly is aware of with Elon Musk. The entrepreneur has acknowledged many mysterious things via Twitter. He has furthermore acknowledged many things he’s later regretted. So no topic whether his most up-to-date tweet is ready discovering bitcoin titillating or now not, it can per chance well also halt up being one extra entry as a map to add to an already long list.

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